Collection Philosophy

Credit Collections U.S.A. (CCU) is a “full service” collection agency. Telephone contacts and collection letters are both used to collect your delinquent accounts. The telephone is our most effective tool. CCU collectors make morning, evening and Saturday calls. Notices complement the telephone effort or are utilized solely if phone contact is not possible.

Our goal is to maximize your net return of delinquent dollars, and to do so in a tactful, ethical, and courteous manner. Our collectors are trained to conduct themselves as an extension of your collection effort. An awareness of good public relations is constantly maintained by our staff.

Every effort is made to discourage and minimize debtor contact with the client. Your employees’ time is too valuable to waste by handling debtor contacts. Also, debtors are encouraged to remit payment to CCU. Minimal communication between our offices will reduce your employees’ workload, saving you time and money.

The collection policies and procedures formulated and practiced by CCU, adhere to all federal, state and local laws regulating collection agencies.

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